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U.S. Navy Storm All Weather Whistle

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  • Loudest Whistle On The Market
  • Can Be Heard Through Walls, Through Glass & Through Water
  • Can Be Heard Over A 0.25 Of A Mile Through Trees & over 0.5 Miles Over Water
  • Decibel Reading Varies Between 118 & 120 DB
  • Unique Patented Design Allows It To Be Heard Under Water, Up To 50 Feet
  • The Sounding Chamber Forces All Water To Be Purged When The Whistle is Blown
  • Creates A Clear, High Frequency Sound, With A Power Rating Over 75% Greater Than Other Whistles
  • Navy Seals & Coast Guard Approved
  • Used By The U.S Military, Police, Fire Fighters, Campers & More
  • GSA Compliant
  • Made In The USA